A simple plan and a dose of patience

slice of life updated

Our plan was simple. Meet for a glass of wine to toast the birthday girl and then walk around the corner for an early supper. It was Monday evening and we’d all had long days, but birthdays don’t wait. We settled down on the sofa, sipping wine, catching up about mom life, children, jobs, and life in general. The three of us rarely get time together. When our glasses were empty we bundled up and headed out. The restaurant looked a little dark and the parking lot empty as we approached. Closed. Oops. We walked back to the house, making a new plan by the time we got in the car. Turning onto the main road, we came upon a road block. Detour. Okay… We took an alternate route and a few extra minutes to drive to our plan b restaurant. Packed.  People waiting to be seated were spilling out the front door. And there wasn’t a single open spot in the parking lot. Hmmm. Time to regroup. Again. We turned around and drove to our next choice. Finally. A place to park, and an open table. So much for simple plans. And thank goodness for great friends.

8 thoughts on “A simple plan and a dose of patience

  1. Your post reminded me of trying to meet a colleague in a wine bar on a Monday evening. Too early for the nice restaurants, and guess what? Wine bars open on the weekend are closed Mondays. We finally found a spot, and got to catch up.


  2. It’s important to celebrate the big and small moments in life. I think it’s admirable that you pressed on so that you could celebrate together despite everything that you seemed to be up against.


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