Celebrate This Week

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This week I’m celebrating the mess. The mess that comes with living fully. The mess that happens in my busy classroom. The mess my still-home-for-winter break-college kids leave in the kitchen…and the family room…and their bedrooms and bathroom. The mess on my car from our recent snow.

I am perfectly capable of creating messes all by myself, but I do enjoy when my house, car and classroom are tidy- when things are in their place. The order gives me a sense of calm. But the thing is, if it were always that way- spotless spaces and clean countertops- I am certain my life would feel less complete.

My younger daughter Claire has two friends staying with us this weekend. Today they begin that oh so foreign to me sorority rush process. Last night we enjoyed dinner together, and after we’d cleaned the kitchen the girls settled on the sofa in front of a movie. I headed upstairs to find my book. Long after I was asleep they made brownies, and when I came downstairs this morning the sink was full of mess. There were crumbs on the counter. And there were three sleepy but happy girls choosing outfits and chatting about the day ahead. The mess waited while I made coffee and breakfast for the girls. And the mess will wait while I write.

Breathe is my one little word this year. I choose to breathe through the mess. The mess isn’t worth fretting about. It’s something to celebrate.

14 thoughts on “Celebrate This Week

  1. Hooray for the statement that the mess is not worth fretting about. For the first time ever, I left a mess in my house when having friends over for an impromptu dinner. I just could not get all the holiday decorations put away in time for having friends over so I neatly placed what I could not finish in boxes and continued to enjoy my evening. The clock ticks so we need to enjoy every minute. Breathe is a great word to live by.


  2. When my boys were away, the house, especially the kitchen, was oh so much cleaner. And way, way, way too quiet! I don’t always love their messes, but I sure do love having them around.


  3. Love everything about this celebration. Isn’t there a sign that says something like “please excuse the mess, we are busy making memories”? I need that! And I appreciate the reminder that I, too, need to breathe through the mess. Breathe was my one little word a couple years ago, and it still lives in me … through stories like yours! Thank you!


  4. You, and I, wouldn’t want it any other way. Love the celebration! I was rush chairman of my sorority long ago, know how much those girls are excited about plans!


  5. I can completely relate to this blog post, Lisa. Later today, we will take my son to the airport so he can fly back to school. Right before I sat down to read your post, I was walking past the microwave and noticed his fingerprints all over it and I wondered how long I would leave them there as a reminder that he was home. I think it will be a few days (at least).


  6. I love the mess with our children are home! The pile of shoes in my laundry room makes my heart happy. Our children are 26 and 23 so the mess doesn’t happen as much, but when it does I celebrate.


  7. I grew up with lovable but extremely tidy neatfreak parents who would have responded quite differently to a sink full of dirtt dishes, I can tell you that! 😉 But life is meant to be a little messy, right? You can always clean later, like you said – messes are very patient, they’ll always wait for you! 🙂


  8. It is so nice to know that I am living fully. If you saw my dining room table, my desk, my bedroom, you would be in full agreement. But yes, there are times when I just need to breathe, and it just needs to be picked up. And oh sorority rush – now there are some fun times! I cherish those days and those memories.


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