Music Makes the Season

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Music. Perhaps more than anything, music is what speaks to me during this season. More that tree decorating, gift wrapping and cookie baking, music gets me in the holiday spirit. Handbells in church. Choir performances. Even off key carolers in front of the big red kettle outside retail stores. Okay, I do draw the line at radio stations that play holiday tunes nonstop from the day after Thanksgiving until December 26th.

I love the sounds of the season.

This morning our ninth through twelfth grade choir members came through the first and second grade hall and sang. We all stopped what we were doing, and teachers and students gathered to listen to the singers share holiday tunes. Big kids wearing Santa hats and holiday sweaters and green and red striped socks, singing to little kids. Big kids who used to be little kids in my classroom, making music. My heart swelled. My smile grew. My eyes watered.

Music. It’s my favorite part of December.


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5 thoughts on “Music Makes the Season

  1. What a nice tradition for the older students to share their music with the littler ones! My school has a madrigal fest, with a variety of Christmas songs and carols, Hanukkah songs, funny skits, and this year, a Bollywood dance number!


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