They are happy

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There have been moments in my parenting journey when I could relate to that expression, “You’re only as happy as your least happy child.” Moments when one or the other struggled, and I worried, and did what I could to ease the pain. Times when parenting felt hard, and I worried that I wasn’t meeting my child’s needs, or worse, I was somehow contributing to the unhappiness.

This is not one of those moments. Right now I have two happy kids. Out of the nest, happy at college kids. They may be 18 and almost 20, but both checked in after their first day of classes at their respective colleges. Just to tell me about a good day. That made my day.

Some days they send photos of dorm room improvements or texts with snippets of good news. Other days they don’t check in at all. And that is just fine, because I know they are busy and engaged. What more could I ask for?

I know there will be challenges ahead, but right now I’ve got two happy children. Taller than me, independent, almost all-grown-up happy children. I’m happy too.


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4 thoughts on “They are happy

  1. I can so relate with these feelings. My daughter is a second year teacher and her first year almost did her in. She told me today that another teacher told her how much more she is smiling this year! Yes, happy children make happy mothers! Hope your two young adults have great first semesters!


  2. I know that is a very happy feeling – to know that your two children are happy! I know that expression well (‘You’re only as happy as your least happy child’) and believe there is some real truth to it…when asked about my children, I find I tend to lead with news about the child who is having frustrations/problems/difficulties/whatever. I have been trying to stop this and focus on the positive! Love that your kids checked in just to share that they had a good day! Happy empty nest!


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