Celebrate This Week


It’s been a while since I’ve written a weekend celebration post because I’ve been caught up in living both everyday and extraordinary celebration-worthy moments.

Claire’s high school graduation, the end of the school year, the start of summer break, time to catch up with friends over lunch and long walks, pool afternoons and lazy mornings with my book, last minute visits with some of my favorite people. June was busy and my heart was full.

And then on July 1, I boarded a plane and headed to France. France!  My first trip out of the country in over 28 years. We drove down windy roads through countless lavender fields and wandered up narrow paths to beautiful, old villages in Provence that jutted out from limestone hilltops. We ate fresh apricots and mild goat cheese and flaky croissants and we drank local Rose wine at lunch. At lunch! We walked for miles and miles in Paris, meandering in and out of markets and cafes and exploring some of the smaller museums in the city. And the churches. The churches! I’d forgotten.


I’d forgotten- the sounds and sights and smells of France. The tiny shops with exquisite produce displayed in small baskets that made me want to drop everything and cook. The The vibration that filled the air when the old church bells rang on the hour. The sour street smells in the city. The scent of almond paste that filled my nose as I peeked into a patisserie. The deep blue sky and rust colored tile roofs in the countryside. The carefully plated salad with just the right amount of balsamic drizzle. And so many gorgeous old buildings. The river. The city lights at night. My five senses celebrated for those twelve days.

sacre coeurparis night

I’m home with my girls now. Happy to be back. Grateful to be safe. Terribly sad about the news from Nice. But my heart is full and I’m celebrating lots of living this summer.

10 thoughts on “Celebrate This Week

  1. Your post is so full of life and love for the celebrations in your world! How lucky for you to get to spend some time in France. My son went last year for spring break and said it was breathtaking. I can almost smell the lavender fields.


  2. Love hearing that the graduation and the weeks since have been wonderful, including your time in France. It is heartbreaking to hear and see their sorrow, but I imagine all the things you described will not change, will carry on. Thanks for the lovely pictures, Lisa!


  3. What gorgeous pictures. I’m so glad you got to be there and are safe. I fear for France. It has had too much sorrow. On another note, where is your Claire heading next year? Mine is off to San Diego I’m happy she’s staying close to home.


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