Lucy the sneaky cat

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Now that we are a one pet household, and that pet is a cat, pet activity is a lot quieter in our house. As much as I miss my sweet old girl Molly, I have to admit that cat care, for the moment anyway, is easier than dog care. Lucy is old too, so I know that could change.  But in the meantime, she is pretty low maintenance, except around dinner time. Now to be fair, I realize that her evening meal is the highlight of her day. She no longer goes outside to hunt for mice, nap on the driveway and gaze up lustily at the birds.  Her main activity is getting a scoop of canned food alongside her dry cat chow, and that usually happens sometime after 5 each evening. She does not let us forget. Ever. She meows incessantly and walks between our legs, practically pushing us towards the cabinet where we store her food.  So whoever arrives home first gets no peace until Lucy is fed. But…Lucy has taken to faking us out. If one of us feeds Lucy and leaves again, Lucy goes through the same routine when the other of us arrives home. She puts on quite a show- pitiful meows, extra firm nudges, and her pleading stares are beyond convincing. Her performances are award winning. She would win an Oscar for best female feline in a drama series. And we fall for it every time. Lucy is getting fat.  We run out of cat food more quickly. My daughter and I need a plan to outwit our diva.

4 thoughts on “Lucy the sneaky cat

  1. Cats are the best. They are all drama queens! Ours was a stray for about one month 12 years ago, and she continues to act as though she is just one meal away from starvation! If the bowl is empty, she panics!


  2. We have SIX cats that are in the running for this same award! My husband and I spend far too much time every day asking each other, “Did you feed the cats?” And falling for their plaintive meows. I do feel for my indoor crew. I know they get bored, so food is pretty darned exciting!


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