Mondays, I once told a friend, should be outlawed. And this one, after a week of Spring break, and a the day after springing forward and losing an hour- well, this one promised to be a doozy I thought as I hit the snooze button for a second time this morning and listened to rain fall on my tin roof.  And then I decided to peel back the covers before the alarm sounded again, and head downstairs to make coffee with the new beans I bought yesterday. The coffee was delicious.

This Monday, I thought as I drove to school under gloomy skies, a faint mist collecting on my windshield, is destined to be a ten on my scale of tough Mondays. And then I noticed the cyclist cresting the hill I was about to descend, a huge smile on his face. I smiled too.

This one, which includes meetings until 6 p.m., is going to be crazy and long, and I’m going to be tired start to finish. And then, as I got out of my car and hoisted my heavy school bag onto my left shoulder, one of my students called out from across the parking lot, and we walked into the building together, laughing and chatting about our week away. It was fun to catch up with her.

This Monday, I was convinced, would present one challenge after another in the classroom. Students would be tired and out of the routine. Recess would be indoors on a day when the kids really needed to get out. And then my first group came in, chatting about books they’d read over break, eager to set Springtime goals, and ready to get back to our shared text. And the rain held off so everyone could run around on the field.

I probably wouldn’t like whatever was served for lunch this Monday. I just knew it was going to be breakfast for lunch, my least favorite meal. And then, I walked into the dining hall with a colleague and saw chicken sandwiches and Waldorf salad. Lunch was delicious.

I’m glad Mondays aren’t outlawed. I’m looking forward to my afternoon reading group, and to writing with Third graders at the end of the school day. Planning our next Fab Lab time with Second grade teachers after school will be fun. And that late day meeting, I’m excited to be joining in.

8 thoughts on “Mondays

  1. I so love the pattern and rhythm of each of your paragraphs from bad Monday to positive Monday. How fun to read! I'm glad the day exceeded all expectations.


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