Celebrating the OLW with students

Today I celebrate the tradition of OLW and how it has enriched me in and out of the classroom. I wrote about my word for 2016 here.  And I wrote about how I am already living with it here.

In addition to choosing, writing about and living with my own word, this week when we all gathered back at school after the break,  I invited my students to choose their own OLWs. It has been a wonderful week, watching them ponder, discuss and play with possible choices.  Yesterday, they all settled on words and created cards to announce their words to the rest of the group. Here are a few from the group:

They are also reflecting on their words in their notebooks, and I hope to share pictures of their notebook work once I have permission.

Today I celebrate the power of the OLW, in my life, my work, and my classroom. I hope the OLW will be a meaningful touchstone for each of us in 2016.

7 thoughts on “Celebrating the OLW with students

  1. What wonderful words they chose, and you, too. I sneaked back for a look at your previous post! Because of you, & then having students reflect upon their words, too, I bet this will be a treasured time for them, Lisa. Nice that you are doing it together!


  2. Lisa, your students really got into the #OLW movement. Unstoppable and observant are great words. If any write a poem to go with the words, I would like to post on my new gallery under the OLW section. Let me know if interested.


  3. I love the idea of the OLW and I really love sharing that with my students!! My sixth graders picked words and wrote about them this past week too. It was such a powerful process. Thank you for sharing your students' words!


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