My OLW is already at work.

I chose brave as my OLW (and wrote about it here).  Little did I know I’d be putting my word  to the test so soon. My sweet old dog Molly is failing. This morning, before school,  I took her to the vet and left her there, feeling guilty that I wasn’t able to stay but relieved that she wasn’t home alone. She’d been unable to walk as I was making my morning coffee.

The vet, who’s known her all her life, called this afternoon, and the news wasn’t good. She doesn’t have a terrible disease- she’s just old. And senile, and arthritic. And there is no cure. She’s having trouble moving. My vet had told me six months ago, “She’s in her bonus months.” We will  switch up her meds and try to control the pain. But, if that doesn’t work, there are hard conversations ahead. Conversations that will require a bit of bravery.

I’ve been dreading what I jokingly refer to as this long goodbye. I sent my firstborn off to college last August, and her sister will head that direction this coming August. And I guess I always knew Molly might leave us somewhere in-between those milestones.

Goodbyes require one to be brave. I’m going to be leaning on my word sooner than later.

14 thoughts on “My OLW is already at work.

  1. Lisa,
    You chose the perfect word. When the time comes, you will be brave and with grace and dignity accept these changes. Wishing joy for you also in 2016!


  2. Lisa, I'm so sorry about your sweet Molly. No need to be brave right now. Be real and show your love, cry, and cry some more. It's never, ever easy losing a loved one. Love your one little word and your story of how you came to choose it — a much needed word to believe in this year.


  3. Oh, Lisa, I'm so sorry. So many goodbyes, in such a short time. Even if there are some really good things going on, change is never easy. And saying goodbye to sweet four footed friends is equally hard. Take care!


  4. I've said goodbye to more than one pet, and it never gets easier. I'm sorry for your sweet Molly, and her Mom! That serendipity of the word you chose is a wonder, that 'brave' it was, & brave you will be. Hugs, Lisa.


  5. Oh Lisa, I am so sorry! (And Adrienne, your comment above broke my heart for you with your Fiona!). I always wanted a dog and never had one but my mother always tells me about her poodle, Percy, and Percy's relationship with my grandfather. When my mom was in high school, her boyfriend bought her the dog. My grandfather was not happy about it, but of course, as time went on, Percy and my Grandy became the best buddies of all. Percy would wait by the window for Grandy to come home from work and run to the door as soon as he arrived. My Grandy always had tears in his eyes telling the story of how he had to take Percy to be put to sleep when Percy became too ill. The love between animals and people is so very special. I hope your Molly has happy bonus days and you don't need to put your “brave” to the test.


  6. Stay brave for Molly. I put my 14 y.o. basset hound, Fiona, to sleep on November 10th. She'd been declining for a long while, then more intensely more recently. At night I'd whisper to her, “You don't have to wake up if you are ready to go.” Then, she got sick and I let her go. It almost broke my heart. They are with us such a short time. Wishing you all the strength I can.


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