Halloween Confession

I have a confession. I’m not a big fan of Halloween. (Say what you mean, Lisa.) Ok, I actually really dislike this holiday. I know, I know. I’m a teacher. Dressing up is part of the job description. Would now be a good time for me to make another confession?  I’m not crazy about dressing up. Don’t get me wrong. I love seeing the children in costume. I’m happy to weave Halloween themed activities into the school day. I’ll wear orange and black- does that count?  I just don’t like dressing in costume. More than that, I don’t like the scary, creepy, gory stuff that seems to satisfy adults more than sweet children who just want to be enchanted as they travel door to door in the early evening gathering treats. Carl Sandburg’s “Theme in Yellow” poem is about as far as I want to take it with young children.
That’s it. That’s all.  I feel practically un-American every late October. But there it is. November 1st can’t come soon enough.

7 thoughts on “Halloween Confession

  1. I wrote a scathing Slice about dressing up last October. I hate it! Ha. We have to dress up today at school (Booooo!) and I've been stressing about it for a week. 😉 I finally went with being a robber because I could pretty much wear normal black clothes!


  2. I rather enjoy it, am always happy to see so many creative costumes, & it was a huge deal at my school, a parade in which many parents participated too. But I understand that it is not for everyone, & I do think that stores have gone over the top with the decorations. Some of our schools take the fall break during Halloween week, which takes care of it for many. Have a nice piece of dark chocolate!


  3. I'm all about the chocolate, so Halloween isn't too bad. I completely understand your lack of love for the costume… too much pressure and too much hassle. May November 1st come swiftly!


  4. Thankfully I did not work in schools where the teachers had costumes. As long as this is a confessional post, I will confess that I hate passing out candy at the door. Thankfully my husband enjoys it.


  5. I am with you, Lisa! I feel the same way. I enjoy seeing the children in costume, but really don't like having to wear a costume myself. And the school's parade is so exhausting for all the kids. I know I'll be worn out, too. Good news, November 1st will come! But we have to survive this week first. 🙂


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