What I Know For Sure- sort of

I should probably start by telling you that there isn’t a lot I know for sure. But there are a few things. In no particular order:

  • The human spirit is stronger than I ever realized.
  • Time heals.
  • Something that is even better than  having your freshman-in-college daughter home for Fall break is knowing that she is just as excited to return to school as she was to come home for a visit.
  • I’m going to make mistakes- often. Maybe- no…probably every day. 
  • Friends matter.
  • Family matters even more.
  • It is gratifying to bake cookies for your children, even when they are so grown up that they are taller than you.
  • Trying to go apple picking on beautiful Fall day over a long weekend is a bad idea. 
  • It’s a bad idea because everyone else thought of it before you did.
  • Straightening up your closet and drawers isn’t much fun while you’re at it, but it sure is nice at the end.
  • A hot bath solves many problems.
  • Warm, homemade soup comes close to solving the rest.
  • Laughing until you have tears streaming down your face feels good.
  • If the exercise class is called “Insanity,” you can assume it is.
  • We should all thank the person who invented online bill paying.
  • And post-its.
  • Fires- in the outdoor pit, or the indoor fireplace, bring people together to talk.
  • It’s important to have a good book to read by your bedside.
  • It’s even more important to have reading friends who suggest good books.
  • Vitamins work.
  • When your almost 13 year old Labrador Retriever sprints up the hill in front of your house at the end of the day, she should be congratulated. (When was the last time you saw a 91 year-old do that?!)

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