Celebrate this week

Small celebrations, the ones that happen inside and are quiet, the ones that happen because I’m noticing the world around me and taking time to stop and breathe when they happen, might just be my favorite kind of celebration. Here are a few from my week:

  • The last minute, but serendipitously timed text from Claire asking if I could make sandwiches for her and a friend so they could come home quickly to  eat between the end of sports practice and the beginning of the annual (and her last) powder puff football game on Wednesday night.  Not only did I have sandwiches, but there was homemade soup in the fridge.
  • The comments from several students about our shared text in Reading and Language Arts. A Handful of Stars is a hit with my fourth graders.
  • The sun’s return this week.
  • Time with a third grade writer, helping him organize his ideas for an animal report he is writing. When we finished working together, he looked up and said, “Thank you.” 
  • An evening with a group of colleagues,sharing thoughts and wonders about The Invention of Wings
  • An unexpected ten percent discount on a big service and repair bill for my car.
  • Frances’s arrival home last night, for her fall break. She’s here with her roommate for four days. We’re planning to shop at an annual bazaar that raises funds for the hospital’s breast care center, pick apples, take walks and enjoy a dinner out. She is happy to be home for a visit. 

Tiny celebrations sprinkled through my week. Lucky me.

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