Too Many Ideas

Ideas for slices spill out, and I cannot choose.

Saturday’s college visit with Claire to a school we both loved and could picture her attending?

Turning 50 and spending the day with some of my favorite people and the evening with a group who gathered to celebrate with me?

The baby blanket  I’m knitting with the softest grey yarn you can imagine?

Finishing Michael Vey and pondering the meaning and messages, fretting about the content, accepting that it is what students are drawn to and wondering what I can bring to the conversation?

The “My Reading Life” posters Fourth Grade readers created that make my heart sing every time I look at them?

Anticipating the start of a spiritual study group with an amazing group of women as we read several of Brene Brown’s books through this fall and winter?

Taking my old Lab on a too long walk in the woods because she couldn’t bear to be left behind, only to have to turn back and carry her most of the way home, tears streaming down my face as she lay still and grateful in my arms?

Looking forward to this weekend’s visit with  Frances, who started college a month ago?

Dreaming about and planning for a school-wide reading of a book recently shared by a colleague?

Swimming laps today, noticing the contrast as my arms scooped through the sun-warmed water and reached into the September air?

Filling bird feeders and enjoying quiet on the patio as I write, knowing that days like this are numbered?

Feeling grateful for the goodness all around that helps my once broken heart continue to mend.

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