Celebrate this week

Thank you Ruth Ayres, for creating a place and marking a time for us to celebrate. Join the celebration here.

It’s been a while since I’ve written my celebrations, perhaps because I have been  too busy living them.  I write about them in my head, late at night as I’m falling asleep, or early in the morning while making coffee and getting ready for school. Not an excuse, just how it’s been. I have missed writing. So this morning, even though my house is a mess, and my dog would like a walk, and the weeds in the garden are taller than me, I’m making time to write my celebrations first.

I’m celebrating my oldest’s start at college. She’s been there a week, loves one of her classes, is happy with her roommate, has several new friends, and has called home. When it came time for a final hug in her dorm room before I left to drive the three hours home, I wasn’t sad, and she wasn’t teary. I miss her terribly, but I celebrate this new chapter full of opportunity for her.

I’m celebrating the start of a new school year and all the energy that comes with it. It feels great to reconnect with former students and get to know new ones- to talk books, and pets and summer fun. To be back in writing workshops, celebrating the stories these young writers are crafting.

We teachers started back in mid-August, and as is tradition, we began our week of meetings with an all school (Pre K-12) faculty chapel. I gave a homily at that chapel, something I could never have imagined doing a few years ago. I celebrate getting through it, but even more than that. The writing, revising, long feedback sessions with a trusted writing partner, and finally standing up in front of over one hundred people I admire greatly, to share my words.

I’m celebrating two fun evenings this past week with long dinners and wonderful conversation, catching up with favorite friends.

I’m celebrating a faculty book club and our next book- The Invention of Wings.  We’re a small group of avid readers, and I am truly grateful that we are making time to read and talk about books.

I’m celebrating my daughter’s decision to attend confirmation classes at church and participate in confirmation later this fall. It’s a big step, and I admire her making this commitment in the midst of a busy senior year of high school.

I’m celebrating time today- for exercise and weeding and cleaning and errands.  And a quiet evening ahead.  My younger daughter and I may go see a movie.

Life feels full and I am grateful.  I celebrate gratitude.

6 thoughts on “Celebrate this week

  1. I remember reading about your writing and giving the homily, Lisa. What a good thing you did, although a little earth-shaking from what you said. It sounds like a month of changes, too, with your daughter off to college. I'm happy that she's having a good start. Hope your weekend is full of fun and relaxation, ready for next week!


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