Celebrate this week

It’s July and I’m celebrating leaning into summer.
A slower pace and open schedule.
Toes in the sand.
Waking early or sleeping in.
Full osprey nests.
Summer friends.
Summer feasts.
The first swim when the water felt impossibly cold, but as I dunked my head under, all my city cares floated away.
The sounds that drift in through open windows- lapping waves, crying gulls and lines clinking on masts.
Ripe red berries and just picked lettuce.
Warm days and chilly nights.
Towering stacks of books by my bedside.
Early morning beach walks and late afternoon swims.
Reading in the middle of the day- just because.
Cold tea.
Daisies, hydrangea, coneflowers, mint.
Last night’s bright orange moon.

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