One Morning in Maine

I spent a few days in Maine last week and found myself thinking often of Robert McCloskey’s wonderful books.  I used his lead from  One Morning in Maine to get started with my slice this week.

One morning in Maine, Lisa woke up.  She peeked over the top of the covers, the bright sunlight made her blink and believe for just a moment that maybe she’d slept in. But no, it was early, even earlier than she usually woke. The sun slips into the sky very, very early in Maine in the summer. She was just about to pull the covers over her head when she heard a bird.chirp loudly just outside the open window. And as she lay there she heard the low steady roar of the ocean too. Even though it was early, she knew she couldn’t go back to sleep. So she peeled back the covers, feeling the cold air rush around her legs. In early June the air is cold and crisp with only the smallest hint of summer. Lisa stepped out of bed into the chill and hurried to find her sweater and pants.

Before long Lisa was on the beach, bundled in more layers than she’d worn since early Spring, ready to walk the two-mile stretch along the shoreline. The sun peeked through clouds and the gulls cruised overhead. Other walkers and a few dogs dotted the beach, and there was sky everywhere she turned. The sky in Maine seems impossibly big. The tide was so low that it looked as if you could walk for hundreds of yards towards the ocean without getting anything more than the soles of your feet wet. The breeze was steady but not harsh.

It was the first day of summer break,  and it was a beautiful morning, that morning in Maine.

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