Celebrate this week

Last night this group of young women and their mothers (and a few fathers too) gathered to celebrate. My own daughter was out of town, but I went anyway.

These nine girls (and nine others who couldn’t be there) went to a wonderful, small, all-girls middle school together. They took every class together- surviving four years of Latin, devouring countless novels and slogging through history outlines and science experiments.

And then they went their separate ways for high school. Over this next week, they will all graduate and begin new adventures.

But last night time stood still as old photos of little girls with braces and pigtails were shared, and the popsicle sticks they had designed as fifth graders that their history teacher used to make sure he called on everyone regularly, were returned to their creators. Stories were told and a few confessions were met with laughter. It was a wonderful celebration.

I think these gals already know, but if they don’t yet, they will someday- they are a special group. Their years in that tiny middle school were a gift. The bond is forever. I can hardly wait to see what happens next, and I hope that four years from now we will gather again to celebrate together.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate this week

  1. What a special gathering, Lisa. Our middle schoolers stay in touch too, many are still getting together in their adult lives. I love hearing about this group, and about their experience.


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