What kind of writer am I?

This  post onTwo Writing Teachers began with the question “What kind of writer are you?” and an introduction that reminded us teachers to ask and answer that question for ourselves before we asked our students to tackle it. Stacey’s reflection was so clear. She knows herself as a writer. Do I?

It got me thinking.

  • I prefer drafting on a computer to writing on paper. But when I write on paper I like heavy, unlined pages and a pen that rolls smoothly on the page. I also like Staedtler felt pens.
  • I revise as I write. I revise more later. But I tinker as I compose. I sometimes feel like I take two steps forward and one back, or two back and one forward. I wonder what it would be like to try just going forward.  
  • I am a writer who often composes in my head at the least convenient moments- like in the middle of the night when I am lying awake in bed, or when I am sitting in traffic. For that reason, I keep small notebooks in many places. 
  • I choose to write in the morning.
  • I like a quiet and in relatively in order house when I write.
  • I don’t have a regular schedule and I am not as disciplined as I would like to be.
  • I don’t have just one place where I like to write. 
  • No matter how many times I reread and edit, I always find mistakes after I hit the publish button on this blog.
  • I slip into passive voice and use the word “so” way too much.
  • I am a writer with wonders and questions. 

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