That time of year

You know that time, right?  That almost-the-end-here-comes-summer time when suddenly the clock seems to speed up, school days are full of schedule changes, the to-do list grows rather than shrinks, and you are overcome by the deep sort of fatigue that isn’t cured by a good night’s sleep.  And you’re feeling nostalgic and thinking back on the highs and lows and what ifs and I should haves and feeling a twinge of sadness as you anticipate letting go of this year’s crop of learners. That is where I am. Right now.

We have just one more week of classes. Nevermind that my fourth graders are only half way through Bud, Not Buddy (and are so into it there is no way we can’t finish, even if it means stealing some time from lunch or recess).  Overlook my messy desk. The paperwork mounts in late May, and I doubt I will see much of the wood surface until the end of the first week of June.

The children all look a little too big for their current grades.  Uniforms are worn or snug. Lunchboxes are desperately in need of a scrubbing (or the trash can). The temperature outside screams shorts and sunscreen and sprinklers and pools. Students come in each morning a little sleepy as they’ve pushed the bedtime routine later and taken advantage of sunlit evenings.

In class, we’ve started talking about summer books and planning our TBR stacks. We’re finishing year-end assessments and wrapping up final projects. We’re writing our last on-demands. Today we did realistic fiction stories in  third grade and boy were they fun to read. We’re reminiscing about books and discussions and author visits and celebrating after the last spelling test of the year.

That time- this time… I’m trying my best to pay attention and notice, to enjoy the chaos and distractions, to embrace the mess and packed schedule. I don’t love it as much as I love the beginning of the school year. But I’m determined to be right here, right now.

9 thoughts on “That time of year

  1. Finish that book and soak it all in. This is one of the things I miss most about having my own classroom- this end of the year, we did it, look how far we've come time. Enjoy it. Who cares about a messy desk?


  2. such a good attitude to have – be right in the moment. I am a former classroom teacher and wrote a post recently about missing this time of the year with my classes so so much! Savor the moments, messy desks and all!


  3. We have 10 1/2 days left, & so much to do. “Final” things are this week, some wrap up is next week, including evening things. I love those last words, Lisa, “right here, right now”.


  4. I love the many ways you captured the nuances of these special end-of-the-school year days. I'm at work right now, procrastinating about cleaning off my mounting mess on my desk. We still have 22 days left here and I'm a bit frantic! Your words remind me to try to stay in the here and the now rather than move into the panic zone!


  5. I love that you're slowing down to pay attention, to notice, to enjoy, and to embrace. It flies by in a flash and then it's summer! One more week – here's to an extra burst of energy and time to finish Bud Not Buddy.


  6. I remember so many days, near the end of the year, where I'd read aloud for longer — and I mean LONG — stretches of time. Because we just had to finish those books. Good luck getting to everything! Remember, though, the books you read together will be the ones that last in their minds and in yours.


  7. The end just creeps up and shouts “Surprise! The year is over!” I remember those days through your description. It is a fast paced period of time, so continue to try and be present and enjoy every moment with your class.


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