Kate DiCamillo came to school today

I was in the same room as Kate DiCamillo today. She was amazing. I didn’t meet her, but I got to attend both of her presentations which took place at my school. She was in town for the Virginia Festival of the Book, and months before she came she requested that an event be organized that would allow her to present to every third and fourth grader in the area. My school provided the venue. 2500 third and fourth graders saw and heard Kate DiCamillo there today. She didn’t feel well. But she was amazing. She was funny. She was real. She connected with the crowd. She was quirky. She was honest. She was wise, engaging, insightful and inspiring. She signed my copy of Flora and Ulysses. I wasn’t there when she signed it, but the school librarian told me later that when Kate picked up my book to sign it, she said, “Oh, I love this one. It is worn and loved.” Funny- just this morning, when I left my book with the librarian in hopes that Kate would have time to sign it, I felt a little embarrassed… because it was worn and loved.

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