Now that I live alone at least some of the time, I’ve discovered that while I prize moments of peace and tranquility, I need company, presence, and sometimes sound. My home is small, but it feels big when my girls are not there. Beyond making plans with friends and staying otherwise busy, I make a conscious effort to fill the void. Sometimes I light candles. Occasionally I turn on the tv (though I rarely sit down and watch) and set the volume low- college football or basketball games and PGA golf tournaments are my first choices.

But my favorite way to fill the house when I am by myself is with music. There is something about music that warms me from the inside out. And there is so much to choose from. What music do I choose?  It depends.  I love classical piano, Bruce Hornsby, anything A Capella, Diana Krall. More than once I’ve cranked up an old Michael Jackson or Madonna tune and danced around the kitchen all by myself. Don’t tell my teenagers- they’d be mortified!

I have so many music memories.  Singing in a choir with my mother when I was young. Listening to James Taylor while moping over high school break ups. Seeing Phil Collins live and all his energy in college. Going on a blind date to hear Annie Lennox sing in a small venue in Georgetown way before she was famous. Attending parent-child music classes with my girls when they were small and making happy sounds. Listening to Frances sing the solo in her a Capella group’s rendition of Sara Bareilles’s “Brave.” Soaking in every note of the Virginia Consort’s Christmas performance each December. Belting out my favorite tunes while watching The Sound of Music on t.v.

Music delights my ears and makes my home feel cozy but mostly it fills my soul.

4 thoughts on “Music

  1. The empty nest can be a lonely place. Two dogs have helped fill the void left by my grown children. And my brother now occupies the basement; my husband is a saint for agreeing to that!


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