Celebrating Happy

It’s Valentine’s Day – a good day to celebrate happy.
Happy is listening to the wide open, innocent conversations of students.
Happy is their notes and cards delivered with love during school yesterday.
Happy is teenagers smiling around the dinner table.
Happy is the cool, wet nose and warm, trusting eyes of a dog whose head rests on your knees on a chilly Friday evening.
Happy is a good book- currently rereading my all time favorite.
Happy is thinking about an upcoming vacation in a place I’ve never been.
Happy is buds on the orchids in the window.
Happy is the possibility of our first winter snow in a few days.
Happy is the warm fire that is taking away the chill in my home.
Happy is planning a dear friend’s birthday party.
Happy is picking out your daughter’s voice as the choir shares beautiful music.

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Happy

  1. Love how you brought “happy” to today's celebrations and I brought “smile.” So of course those teenagers smiling really stood out to me! Your Friday night cuddle session with your dog was beautifully written and something I cherish as well. Nothing like it 🙂 I could go on and on. I love everything on your list. Happy Valentine's Day!


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