Celebrating running

Ruth Ayres is hosting Celebrate this week on her blog. Link up here.

I do not like to run. In fact I despise it. But I like the way I feel during a run, after I push through those first ten minutes when my knees ache and my lungs are questioning my sanity, and I love the way I feel after a run. My legs are strong and in charge by the time I am in my second mile.

This year I turn 50, and the approach of that milestone has me taking stock and setting goals.  In September I am going to run in an annual local race called the Women’s Four Miler, and to that end I have begun running regularly. I’m not fast, and I can’t go four miles straight yet, but I can do two and a half, and after a short stretch of walking quickly,  I can usually run almost another mile.

Today I celebrate running and the love of setting and working towards a goal.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating running

  1. Hi, I'm here via Ruth Ayres Celebrate post and thought I'd at least let you know I was here. I completely admire that you are working on a running goal, and that you can find a way to celebrate it, and not just bemoan it. Good luck with the race! Jody


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