Celebrating Learning to Learn

Take a moment to celebrate something from the week. Join the celebration here. Thank you Ruth Ayres for hosting and for encouraging us to take time to notice and reflect on the often overlooked moments of grace in our busy lives.

This week, I continue my celebration of Fridays at our school. Each Friday, in the third grade classroom where I spend the morning, the homeroom teacher and I begin the block of student driven learning time with a gathering and conversation on the rug. We use that time with her students to talk about where they are and where they are going with their work. Sometimes we think small, and sometimes we think big. We always think together.

Yesterday we posed a question to our third graders. “What, if anything, have you learned on Fridays that is different from what you are learning Monday through Thursday each week?” Today I celebrate their answers.  Nearly every student who responded to the question  talked about skills, not facts. Among the things they said they had learned were blogging skills, how to find information, how to evaluate websites, how to ask better questions, how to make plans, how to take notes, and how to make power point presentations and keynote presentations. Wow!  At the end of the discussion we agreed that we are all learning how to learn. That is cause for celebration!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Learning to Learn

  1. I love the part “Sometimes we think small, and sometimes we think big. We always think together.” Powerful statement. I think itnis super awesome that third graders are blogging. Do you have a website you recommend? Great celebrations!


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