Celebrate this week- the first last and a loss

It’s Saturday- thank you Ruth Ayres for hosting “CELEBRATE this week. ” Join the celebration here.

I believe we have two choices- celebrate or mope- when it comes to marking all of those “lasts” in the life of your child who is a senior in high school.

Last night was a big “last.”  Frances, my senior daughter,  has been managing the varsity football team for the last few years, and this season the team made it all the way to the state championships. Last night was her last game with this team.

The game was at home, against a team they had played and beaten earlier in the season. The sky was clear and the air was not just crisp- it was frigid. The crowd was huge, the best of the season. The opposing team was huge too.

And, long story short, they lost.

It was a heartbreaker, for everyone, but especially for the seniors on the team and  their senior manager. But, now we have a choice; celebrate or mope. I choose celebrate, and I hope after a hot shower, a big meal and a good night’s sleep, she and the players do too.

It was an amazing season. The boys who will graduate have bright futures. Several will go on to play college sports. The coach has rebuilt this team from scratch over the last few years, and all that hard work showed all season long. Perhaps last night’s game wasn’t their best, but their season was spectacular. Those big tough boys shed a few tears last night, and so did Frances. It wasn’t the “last” they had hoped for.

My wish for the team, the coaches, the parents and my daughter, is that today, as they replay moments of last night’s game in their heads, they celebrate. Celebrate the hard work, the wonderful friendships, the laughter on the sidelines, the digging deep, the fighting through, the healing from injuries, the listening and learning, the insanely late nights on the bus, the disputed calls from referees, the tense moments on the field, the touchdowns and long passes caught, the good and rotten plays, the cheering fans, the smelly uniforms, the cold water and warm heating pads, the caring trainers and focused coaches, the hot meals prepared by dedicated team moms, the poem and pep talk the coach always says just before the start of each game. Celebrate it all. It is about so much more than the score of that one game.

I choose to celebrate this and all the other “lasts” that will happen this year, along with the firsts, the highs, and the lows. Join me.

8 thoughts on “Celebrate this week- the first last and a loss

  1. Learning to celebrate when you aren't so happy is a tough one. But such a valuable skill. And “lasts” that aren't what we wanted are even tougher. I agree with Linda, a great tribute to your “doer” daughter.


  2. What a year already happening, and that which will happen each time there's another 'last', Lisa. What a wonderful tribute and capturing of this experience of your daughter's, and for her. One of my life's guides is if you don't “do”, you'll never know what you missed. It sounds like your daughter is a “doer”, & I hope she will celebrate all those marvelous moments she's had.


  3. As a parent of a son who never made it to any playoff games in four years. Please share what an amazing journey that is with your daughter as well as the boys. What a tribute to their team and coaches. Congratulations to all of them to making it to the state finals. Thank you for sharing.


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