OLW check in

Hello One Little Word. It’s time  we checked in on one another. I haven’t forgotten about you.  I don’t think about you as consciously as I did for the first few months of this year, but I think that might be a good thing.
“Why?” you ask?  Well, because I think you’ve become part of me. I’ve learned a lot about you and how good you are for me. And, on balance, I am doing a whole lot more bending than I was this time a year ago, not to speak of the many years before that.
“How?” you ask? Well, for starters, I’m doing yoga much more often. SO, I am literally bending regularly. And it feels great.
But the real bending is harder to see. It’s happening inside my head, my heart and my core. Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been easy. I have been working  hard on practicing you- through journaling, in tough conversations with family and friends, and with the most incredible support network you can imagine.
When I first chose you, I thought a lot about other words that reminded me of you- like stretch, reflect, center, respond, adapt, reach.  Your synonyms and I have gotten to know each other much better this year. I especially like reflect, center and reach and can think of many times when I have used those words to guide me recently.
So, thank you. It is great to have you guiding and challenging me.  I’m looking forward to our last few months together and already thinking about what OLW might join you in 2015.

One thought on “OLW check in

  1. Oooh, so many fun words in your post – some definite possibilities for next year. Your OLW reminds me of something my husband often says to me, “Be a willow. Bend!”


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