The rain will slow
And the tears will stop

Clouds will part
Allowing the moon to peek through
And cast shadowy light on crisp brown leaves that stir on the patio.

And there IS light at the end of that tunnel, still far- faint and flickering.

Time softens raw, rough memories as the sea rounds sharp edges of the shard from a carelessly tossed bottle, until both glass and memories, while no longer clear, are easier to hold.

It is true- tomorrow- there’s always tomorrow- it IS only a day away.

Even the worst scraped knee forms a stubborn scab that fades and heals
Bruised ego and
broken heart-
they heal too.

Because they should
and there is joy ahead, laughter to be shared
New memories to be made and stories to be told
wrinkles to be formed.

Life to be lived.

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