Celebrate this week …Embracing New

Join the celebration here every Saturday. Thank you Ruth Ayres for hosting.

The older I get, the more comfortable I become with the word new. I no longer find myself stiffening, shying away, feeling anxious. These days it’s more about being curious, having an open mind, considering the possibilities, asking questions, and trying. It isn’t always comfortable. But it brings more reward than I once imagined.

This week I celebrate new.

* We have a new schedule at school this year that is based on a six day rotation schedule. We follow it Monday through Thursday. And then there is Friday, which is really new. Friday is now a stand alone day, with no specials, and wide open homeroom time that is now dedicated to student initiated learning. Every homeroom class has at least one extra teacher join for the morning. Yesterday was our first Friday. It was a little scary- all that unknown. But it was also amazing. Students are full of curiosity and I can’t wait to see where they go with this.

* I celebrate new friends. I am going walking with one this morning. And new experiences. This summer I learned to drive a gator, and I flew in the cockpit of a small plane (and the pilot, a friend, still has no idea that I don’t really love to fly.)

*Our new house is truly feeling like a home. My daughters had a group of friends over last night after the first home football game of the season. Fifteen teenagers were piled into my small living room, draped on furniture, sprawled across the floor. I couldn’t even see the rug when I peeked in. But I could hear the laughter.

* There are so many new books to share with readers this year at school. I can hardly wait. I’m especially excited about some of the non fiction picture books I purchased this summer.

* We are using the new Units of Study Writing curriculum in several grades this year. I really like the changes that have been made from the older series.

6 thoughts on “Celebrate this week …Embracing New

  1. I miss teenage laughter in our home! It's been awhile, but I still remember that feeling. So glad your new house is feeling like home! Your new schedule sounds so interesting. Please keep us posted.


  2. The fact that you find new easier with age is a bit counter intuitive. But I agree. Perhaps it is because we are more comfortable with ourselves and have experience with failure and not knowing. I love your Friday schedule. What a tribute to the forward thinking nature of your school. LOVE IT.


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