Celebrate this week

Today I celebrate family.  Come join the celebration hosted by Ruth Ayres here.

Today is my mother’s 79th birthday. It isn’t sunny and we won’t be on the beach, but her brother and his daughter and her children are coming to visit. We will make our own sunshine on the porch. The best thing about my mom’s birthday is being able to celebrate her good health and love of family with her here, in this house that has sheltered many of us for many years.

On Friday, my cousin’s oldest child Kevin, who is nearly 30, spent several hours sitting on the grass out front with my teenage daughters, teaching them to play the guitar.  I loved listening to the music they were making, the missed and made chords, their laughter and quiet conversation. The best thing though was seeing and feeling the love and care that saturated the scene.

Tim (my cousin) and I spent two days this week scraping, sanding and painting the bathroom in the beach house. He is the older brother I never had, and while we worked he shared welcome advice and wisdom.  But the best thing about our time together was listening to his stories about our family- the ups and downs, the funny and sad, the tales of relatives I never met, and others who were gone too soon.

On Wednesday, my girls and I joined friends around a bonfire. It was sweater weather, and the sky was clear and full of stars. But the best thing about that night was that we were a group ranging in age from 6 to 62, and we talked and laughed together until our sides hurt.

Five of us went together to a Jazzercise class on Tuesday. Two were former college athletes now in their twenties, another was a skeptical sixteen year old who loves long runs and lifting weights. We were a big family presence in the class that day. But the best thing was that when the class was over, we all agreed it was a hard workout!

The girls and their 27 year old cousin Ellen prepared and served a feast for dinner on Monday. It was delicious, and I was thrilled to have a night off from cooking. Nine of us gathered for the meal, and as usual the conversation was nonstop. The best thing though was how proud my daughters were of the meal they had prepared.

18 thoughts on “Celebrate this week

  1. We had so many laughs after the Jazzercise class. For those who had never done it before it was totally confusing… but a great workout nevertheless. Was fun to have a range of us- from 48 to 16 in age- doing it.


  2. Thanks Linda. It is so nice to have time in the summer to visit with family. It gets so busy once school is in session. Being one of two children, and having no nieces or nephews, it is great to have cousins with children- for both me and my own children.


  3. You are so blessed (and you clearly know it) to have such a big and connected family. I'm sure all members will treasure that time spend together and Happy Birthday to you mom!


  4. Celebrating time with family is the best! It's so fun to read of the love and laughter that filled your week with family. And sweater weather in July is also cause for celebration.


  5. This sounds like such a nice time full of family. I love your description of the group going to Jazzercise. It is great that all had a good workout! Have a great week!


  6. What a wonderful time you had with your family this week – working, learning, exercising, talking and celebrating together. Happy Birthday to your mom!


  7. It sounds like a perfect week, and wherever you are also sounds perfect, Lisa. I love the family time and luckily I got some of it this summer on different trips. I don't see my cousins so much anymore, but they were a special part of my life. Love hearing about your cousins!


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