Celebrate this week

I’m excited to celebrate this past week and the week to come.  Hope you are too. Join Ruth Ayres and share your celebration here.

This week I made time for writing every day. I published four pieces on my blog, and I have two drafts in progress. Writing daily felt great.

I took my first ocean swim of the season. Getting all the way in to the chilly New England water felt delicious. Every summer, when I take the plunge and dunk my head into the waves, I have the same feeling when I come up for air. It feels as if I’ve washed away all my worries.

Yesterday I joined a yoga class that took place outside, on a concrete slab overlooking the boat docks and beach. Stretching in the early morning sun, with the sounds of gulls and halyards clinking, and gentle waves lapping against hulls and rocks and docks was a fantastic way to begin the day.

I finished reading The Secret Hum of a Daisy and started several non fiction picture books. Today I’m going to the library to pick up a copy of Daring Greatly, and I’m excited to join the NF book club Alison Jackson told me about.

My mother and daughters and I spent a fun hour going through a drawer filled with jewelry owned by my grandmother and great grandmother. None of it is particularly valuable, but my mom gave me a few really unique pieces that my great grandmother Leona once wore. I loved listening to my mom’s memories and stories as she opened each little box and bag.

Today my cousin and his family arrive for what has become a much anticipated week each summer. We’ll all be together on the beach and at the dinner table, and the week ahead is sure to be full of love and laughter.

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