Celebrate This Week

It’s time to celebrate. Thank you Ruth for encouraging that practice each week here.

I’m celebrating the end of this week. That today is the beginning of a new week- a week that holds the promise of sunshine, sand, good books, my daughters’ company, long walks, cold swims, chats with my mom and maybe a nap.

As hard as the week was, I celebrate small moments, kindness and letting go.

The girls, my mom and I took a long walk, in soupy fog, with the dogs, and got ice cream after dinner one night. As we walked back home, licking our cones, we listened to the fog horns blow long and low out in the Sound, and laughed and chatted about everything and nothing.

While I was gone, my daughters spent a wonderful evening with my friend Carol, picking blueberries, and soaking up her wisdom, humor and generosity. I listened as they shared how much fun they had, and I felt grateful for my strong, smart, kind friends who share their time and love with my children and me.

So much that happened this week was beyond my control. I’m learning to let go and accept what I cannot change, to notice and note, to respond, rather than react, to choose wisely and look forward. How lucky I am to have  family and so many friends walking this road with me.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate This Week

  1. I wrote about ice cream this week too! Love your words about responding not reacting. I remind myself of that daily as a parent. Respond. Be fully present. During hard weeks, it's always those small moments and kindnesses that we hold onto. Here's hoping for a better week next week!


  2. Lisa,
    Thanks for sharing about your week. I love the idea of listening to the sounds of the sea. I don't usually get to hear those to it's definitely something to celebrate. Like Alyson, sharing about ice cream seems to be a theme…love it. What ever happened that was beyond your control, I agree that it's better to look forward. Glad you have supportive friends to be there with you.


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