Celebrate this week

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This week I celebrate with verbs.

When the pace slows, there is more time for noticing. Or maybe I remember to take time to notice. I should do more of that even when I get busy. While spending time with my mom on a garden tour in a beautiful New England seaside town, I noticed how much stone is used. I want to learn more about how stone walls are built- especially the ones that have no mortar. I’ve started a collection of photos.

The week was full of opportunities for connecting with family, friends, colleagues and new acquaintances- in person, by phone, over meals and email.  I am constantly amazed by the accomplished and interesting people around me, and I love having time to visit with them and hear their stories. The week ahead promises to be full of opportunities to connect at TCRWP and I am as excited as a small child on Christmas Eve.

A group of colleagues met on Tuesday morning for a hike. We crossed streams and climbed steep, narrow paths, and had time to chat and connect. They shared so many fun and interesting stories during our two hours in the woods. And after an hour of steady climbing, this is what we saw.

And this is how I cooled off.

When the pace slows during summer break, I seem to do a better job reflecting.  I especially enjoyed having time to write about what I am learning about teaching writing by doing more writing myself.

My daughter is learning the ins and outs of being a barista.  She calls home with tales of mostly kind and occasionally cranky customers, small victories with the espresso machine and coffee drinks gone wrong. My friend Carol, owner of the shop where she is working, is teaching her about different kinds of beans and how they are roasted and subtle taste variations. I love that she is learning so much. I’m learning too. Next week’s Writing Institute is going to be full of learning for me.

From Dani Shapiro’s Still Writing to Edgar’s Second Word, as sweet picture book, to informative posts on blogs I follow, my week was full of rich reading. I reread Where the Wild Things Are after listening to a fascinating online discussion that helped me notice and reflect on that book in ways I never had.

I found myself laughing, until I had tears in my eyes, several times this week, as my children and friends shared hysterical stories. Whoever said laughter is the best medicine might just be right.

It’s getting really warm now, so I harvested the last of the rhubarb and gave away most of it. My daughter spent an hour picking tiny black raspberries from bushes planted before our time here. We ate them straight from the bowl. You can’t imagine how sweet and perfect they were. And this morning I harvested tiny French radishes and the first squash.

I noticed that someone has eaten nearly all the blooms on the cucumber vine. Sigh.

It was a good week, full of verbs.

9 thoughts on “Celebrate this week

  1. Your verbs in this post are incredible. I love how they reverberate the strong and powerful images of your week. Perhaps, I connect strongly with your post due to my own love of stone walls, connecting with friends, seeing waterfalls, eating fresh produce…….or perhaps because your post forced me to connect with these forces of nature and our lives.


  2. Your choice of verbs and the accompanying images is beautiful. I planted french radishes for the first time and will be harvesting next week. Gardening always refreshes my soul. 🙂 You've had a wonderful week of celebrations. I hope next week is just as wonderful.


  3. A celebration of verbs–brilliant! Loved the photos in your post. I used to live in New Hampshire on a dirt road lined with sugar maples and rock walls. Absolutely iconic. Once I started creating gardens, I understood why there were so many rock walls everywhere–you have to do something with all the rocks you dig up!


  4. Wonderful week. Two things stand out for me 1) Those stone walls… amazing, and 2) TCRWP!! Yay for you. I will be there the following week for reading. Enjoy, enjoy.


  5. What a wonderful reflection of your week! Thank goodness for summer and allowing us more time to do this important task. I love the waterfall at the end of your hike — sweet rewards!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, Sweet Writing Life, and for leaving a comment. I was going to reply to you, but you are a “no reply blogger.” If you would like to fix this, you can find a great tutorial at http://ideasbyjivey.blogspot.com/p/no-reply-blogger-no-more.html.

    Have a wonderful week!
    Sweet Writing Life


  6. I like your approach to choose verbs to celebrate. I love the toes in the water picture – refreshing and meditative. Wishing you lots of laughter for next week too!


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