Celebrate This Week

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My week has been full of celebrations. Actual events.

We celebrated writers:
Last year, at the conclusion of my first year as Writing Workshop Coordinator for our school, we held an informal writing share with students and parents in late May. It happened over the course of several mornings and parents were invited to drop in for a few minutes at the beginning of the school day to listen to their children read a piece of writing. Parents and children had the opportunity to find a quiet spot in common areas at school, and children read something from their writing notebooks or folders to their parents. In the email I sent to parents inviting them to the writing share, I explained that their children might share a finished piece but that it could also be a an unfinished draft.  Parents had a chance to see and hear what their writers were up to, and children had a captive and appreciative ( but intimate and informal) audience. Teachers did not have to do anything to prepare, other than to ask their students to have in mind a piece they would like to share. It went so well that we did it again this year. So many smiles and hugs and laughs and questions and conversations happened during those writing shares. I should have taken pictures. Next year.

We celebrated a teacher who is retiring after 29 years at our school, and 39 years of teaching:
The celebration for Don has taken place over days, in big and small ways. He lit and extinguished the candles at our Moving Up Chapel. He got a standing ovation during the chapel as well. Don plays the guitar and sings, and his love of the Beatles, ballads and songs from the Seventies is something he has shared with hundreds of students over the years. Don, along with a few musically inclined faculty members, parents and former students, gave a farewell concert for our end of year  school assembly, a gathering that is usually reserved for honoring our Fourth Graders as they head off to Middle School. The music and mood were magical.

I celebrated birthdays:
My friend Catherine turned 45 and my friend Angie turned 50, and I loved being included in their respective celebrations. Connecting with my friends and colleagues in relaxed settings when we have time to talk and laugh and catch up is the best.

We celebrated graduation:
I work at a K-12 school and yesterday was graduation. Faculty attend and are a part of the ceremony. I love the traditions in our graduation ceremony. When I first started working at my school, I knew none of the seniors.  I had small children and I worked with our youngest students.  Now I’ve been here long enough that my former students are among those graduating. My own children are grown and have friends who were graduating.  Next year one of my girls will be on that stage. And the other will be there the year after that. I loved taking it all in yesterday as a faculty member, knowing that for the next two years I will be experiencing graduation as a mom.

We celebrated teachers and students:
At Moving Up Chapel, Class Night and Graduation, we celebrated students and teachers who have achieved goals, served as leaders and role models and contributed to our school community. I love that we recognize individuals who make us better as a whole. I feel incredibly blessed to be part of this school community.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate This Week

  1. Your school sounds wonderful, Lisa. So happy to hear about all these special moments this week. I'm in a K-8 school, & it is full of special goodbyes at this time of year, & next week, Continuation of the 8th graders who move on to high school. Have a good rest of the weekend, too!


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