Celebrate This Week

Perhaps the biggest thing I celebrate this week is that I have so much to celebrate.

Kindergarten Poetry:
I had the pleasure of being in a Kindergarten class earlier this week during Writing Workshop. Whenever I am in a room with Kindergarten writers, I feel as if I’m witnessing something truly extraordinary. They work so hard to make it all happen. They are joyful and full of ideas and eager to write, but nothing is easy…yet.  Forming letters, holding a pencil, sounding out words- it is hard work. Their persistence and enthusiasm takes my breath away, every time.

This is Molly’s poem:
It’s it amazing? Molly wrote about quiet time. Look at what this writer did. She experimented with switching up the rhythm when she composed the line ‘Outside time too.” She chose rich and powerful and precise verbs. She added ing to to the end of them! When Molly finished writing, we took a picture of her poem, and I asked her if I could share it with the world. Molly was delighted with her poem. I was amazed. We celebrated her work by reading and rereading “I Like Quiet Time” several times.
Claire’s room:
Slowly, my girls and I are turning our new  house into a home. Pictures have been hung, boxes unpacked, and this week we got fun pillows for Claire’s bed. Since the house is small, and we have just one common space for “living,” we decided to make her bed feel like a day bed, or a sofa, where she can hang out with her good friends when they want to talk about boys and teenage things and they don’t feel like being with the mother. Claire loves her pillows, and it makes me happy to help her make her room feel like an inviting space.
This mug: 
My children gave it to me this Christmas. Christmas was hard and new for us this year, but I will never forget that morning. We made breakfast together, opened a few gifts, and watched a movie and laughed and laughed and laughed. I pour my coffee every morning into this mug. I start every day being reminded of how lucky I am to be the mom of two great girls.
An impromptu dinner with my friend Catherine on Wednesday evening.
Warm sunny weather at the end of the week.
Teenagers coming and going from the house.
A freshly mown lawn on Friday.
Finding the perfect Mother’s Day card for my mom.
Reading an impassioned email my daughter wrote to a diversity consultant who visited her school this week. 
A haircut.
Laughing so hard on Friday afternoon that I could hardly catch my breath.
I’m a lucky girl.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate This Week

  1. Just as you wrote, I do realize how hard it is for those youngest writers to compose and create. I love seeing the “time” poem. Very nice thinking. And so happy to hear you have much to celebrate. That means a lot, doesn't it? Happy Mothers' Day!


  2. What a wonderful week you had! Isn't it lovely when you can find so many different things to celebrate? I love Molly's quiet time poem. Just beautiful! I am really hoping that my house can be the one where all my kids' friends want to come hang out too.


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