Stalking Taylor Swift

I feel the need to start this story by telling you that I’m not a People magazine reading, entertainment show watching, gossip column following kind of person. I’m only vaguely aware of popular music and musicians (thanks to my teenagers) and I’m hopelessly behind the times when it comes to current fashion trends.  And yet, I found myself, in the company of my mother and teenage daughters, stalking Taylor Swift one afternoon last summer. Don’t get me wrong-I know the words to more of her songs than I would care to admit. Heck, I can belt out the chorus to “I Knew You Were Trouble”  (in my car or shower) with the best of them. But…still…stalking her was taking things to a whole new level.
The day didn’t start out with a conscious “Hey, let’t try to meet Taylor Swift” plan. It all began quite innocently.
It started when my mother announced, quite nochalantly, one evening over dinner, to her teenage granddaughters, that Taylor Swift had bought a summer home not far from my mother’s house. My daughters were duly impressed that their grandmother knew who Taylor Swift was and  immediately intrigued by the possibility of seeing said house. And so, less than 48 hours later, the teenagers had worn us down sufficiently, and we found ourselves heading up the coast to see “the house.”
In under an hour, we were there. We found a parking spot and walked up the road to “the house.” It is quite close to the road, and all that stops people from trespassing on the property is a crew of yellow shirted security guards. They seemed, at least last summer, when the whole situation was quite new, to be very accommodating. They even  moved out of the way so that onlookers could snap photos of themselves in front of Taylor Swift’s house as if they were invited guests ready to stroll up the driveway and knock at the door.
Anyway, my children took the requisite pictures, from the road, and the beach below, and promptly posted them on Instagram and then sat back and watched the “likes” roll in. Meanwhile, we found a lunch spot in town.
After lunch we wandered the waterfront shops, admired the views and eventually got in our car and headed out of town. That was when my older daughter decided that maybe, just maybe, TS was actually there. She decided to check out the situation the way any self respecting teenager does these days; she started checking all social media platforms she could think of. And guess what? “OMG, Mom, she’s here. And she’s with Demi Levato. We have to turn around. Taylor Swift just posted a photo on Instagram and she is on the docks, right near where we just had lunch.”
I looked at my mother. We were already ten minutes out of town.
“Really? I’m not going to turn around…” I said, with little to no conviction. I turned around.
“Wait, wait… I’m checking Twitter. She isn’t here anymore. She’s in Mystic. Can we go?” my tech savvy daughter called from the back seat.
I found myself making a quick U Turn. I rationalized, to myself and my mother that Mystic was on the way home. And it was- but still….
So, you can probably guess what happened next. We drove to Mystic.
“Mom, Mom… she just posted a Vine. She’s at the ice cream shop right next to the drawbridge.”
“I’m going as fast as I can,” I replied. Meanwhile I was thinking to myself, “Have you lost your mind?”
My daughters chattered away in the backseat, planning how they would meet her, how they would get her autograph, how they would get a picture with her.
When we got to Mystic, I pulled over, right in front of the ice cream shop, and the girls jumped out of the car.
I drove up the road, searching fro parking, keeping an eye on my girls through the rear view mirror.
My mother sat in the passenger seat, shaking her head. “I’m almost 80,” she said. “What on earth are we doing.”
“Good question,” I replied, laughing,as we found a parking spot right in front of Mystic Pizza. The town was abuzz. We could see mothers and teens racing up and down the sidewalks,ducking into shops, peering down alleys.
You can probably guess how this story ends. We didn’t see her. We kept “just missing” her. She tired of the crowds, and was whisked away with her entourage, back to her seaside mansion in Watch Hill. The girls were disappointed. The ultimate irony is that Taylor Swift made her getaway through the back door of Mystic Pizza. She probably brushed the side of our car as she raced up the sidewalk and into that restaurant.
But the truth is, the whole afternoon was loads fun. We laughed and laughed, mostly at ourselves, as we drove the rest of the way home.

3 thoughts on “Stalking Taylor Swift

  1. I love your story. Sometimes it is fun to lose yourself in some innocent stalking :). It's funny how fascinating famous people are to us. I probably would have done the same, but I'm definitely not techy enough to have been able to do anything more than drive past her house.


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