Celebrate this week…Looking for light

What a full week. We wrapped up our month long classroom slicing challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers  and one of my students posted this to our blog later in the week. The letter was so unexpected and so touching. I will save and reread it and this and this  and this. I learned so much during the month about the value of writing daily, about my students- not just their writing habits, but about their lives and loves and fears. And then those four posts came along, and I learned even more. It was an amazing month in our classroom. We are a closer community for this experience.We celebrated on Thursday with a pizza lunch and a chance for each student to share aloud his or her favorite slice.
My new house is looking and feeling more and more like a home. There are pictures on the walls, and drapes on the windows, food in the cupboards, plants on the windowsills and books in the bookshelves.

We’ve had friends in for dinner twice, and teenagers come and go with my girls, just like they did in the old house. Routines are returning. We hung a bird feeder on a tree just outside the door, and the birds are gathering there this morning. There is still lots of unpacking to do, but with my mom’s help, we are making great progress.
The sun is out and we’ve had just enough warm weather that the trees are starting to bud. I’ve discovered that there are two flowering cherry trees in my new front yard. They are beautiful. The farmer’s market opens today. Yay!
Yesterday I received a note from an old friend who is now a new neighbor. The last line said, “I look for your light every morning.” She has been a steadfast supporter during a difficult time, full of wisdom and sound advice. I was so touched by those words. I believe they are about so much more than my kitchen light that she sees from her hill across the road at 6 a.m. each morning.

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