House to home

I spent most of today working to make our new house into our new home. My wonderful mom, who arrived two days ago , just as I was about to collapse from the exhaustion of moving 14 years of stuff out of 4000 square feet without a mover,  has worked tirelessly with me all weekend. By the time she got here, I had almost finished moving out, but the boxes and chaos and to do list on the other end were daunting. And then my mom arrived. When she first walked into the new space,she looked around and up and down and said, “I love it. This is so you.” Her enthusiasm was exactly what I needed. It is hard to leave a home and a life and begin again, but she said all the things that I needed to hear to help me continue on my path forward.
After going to church this morning, we came home and began hanging pictures and curtains.  It is amazing how much a space can be transformed when you start adorning the walls. Tonight,  the new house feels more like a new home.

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