Mountain climbing

I’ve never been a fan of  heights, risks, or unknowns, and mountain climbing is not what I expected to do this year. But the truth is I hadn’t had much luck finding a bypass. And the tunnel got smaller and smaller and finally there was no light at all and  nothing but rock ahead. So I backed out and stared up. It seemed big- scary- insurmountable. I took a few timid steps. The minute I reached the first ledge I wanted to slip back down to solid ground and say, “Never mind.” But I had used all of my energy to get to that ledge, and  I knew I’d never have the courage to try again if I didn’t keep going. My family said, “You can do it.” My friends said, “Keep going,” When I arrived at a plateau and could rest a bit, and walk sideways, and loosen my grip, it felt so good. I could breathe, and even laugh. The next climb was harder, steeper.This might be too hard, I thought. I am so tired. But there was  another plateau. It was was narrow, but longer. I was so grateful to have reached it. Some rest, some peace.  Looking back, and down, I knew I was further from the start and closer to the goal. But still- the climb ahead is daunting. I climb with the help of my family and friends. I climb for my children. I will get there.

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