Walking in

I back the car up in the driveway, my mind racing. Did I say I love  you and have a good day to both the girls? We were all so rushed getting out the door.  Did I let the dog out? Did I give Frances the check she needed?  Did I remember to lock the door? Do I have my iPad?
I park in my usual spot,  reach into the backseat to gather my school bags, hang up the phone, and try to put aside the stress of the conversation.
I walk across the parking lot, take a few deep breaths and notice the library windows all lit up. I  see children lingering in the lounge area. I begin thinking about my 8:45 meeting.
I step onto the  sidewalk-  the snow is coming down steadily, and it is hard not to smile. While we’ve had a lot of it this year, who doesn’t love watching children try to catch flakes on their tongues? I see boys running around on the turf field, seemingly immune to the cold.
I approach the door, and  a former student looks my way and says “Good morning, Mrs. Keeler,” her voice full of energy and optimism. I feel warm and ready to step inside. I remember what I love about her, and my school and why coming here each day is such a joy and a gift.
A First grader holds the door for me. We catch eyes and smile at each other as I say, “Thank you.”
I step into the warm hallway and hear happy voices and see children moving in different directions- to  the library, classrooms, the office.
I unlock my classroom door, flip on the lights and slip off my coat.
I gather materials for my first class and write our schedule on the whiteboard. I turn on my desk light and computer and sit down to read through a few pages of the next chapter of our class book.
I look up as a colleague pokes her head in to ask me how I’m doing. We chat for a quick minute.
The driveway, the phone call, the rush of early morning routines feel far away now. I hope my girls will have a good day. I know I will.

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