The last one

Uproar and chaos surround us as we near the end of our packing and moving out of this house.

Yet we find ways to create cozy spaces between  box filled rooms and the ones that are empty and echo.
Snow kept us home today.
We did what we always do- we built a fire in the fireplace in the one room that still has places to sit though the walls  are bare and shelves are missing books
And we huddled around the fire for warmth or  comfort or maybe both.
I cooked chicken and rice and Claire made a pie.
Molly raced in circles and rolled in the snow,  then scratched at the door and came in to warm her fur and bones by the fire. Lucy purred and settled into the space between my hip and the arm of the sofa.
We lost power, as usual, but this time it came back quickly.
The birds finished the last morsels in the feeder, and when they flew off I  tucked it into my car-
Will there be a branch I can see from a window at the new house?
I wonder how snow days will feel there.

2 thoughts on “The last one

  1. Moving can be so hard. I loved your letter to your house. I hope the move is smooth. Love the image of you carefully tucking the bird feeder away–I am sure the birds will follow and find their home again.


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