14 hours

7:00 awoke after a restless night. Made coffee and headed outside to drag outdoor furniture to the side of the driveway, take the trash to the bottom of the driveway and walk the dog.
8:00  my friend came with his pickup and trailer and we loaded it up with furniture and drove to the new house. He helped us unload and place all of it.
10:30 my daughter  left the new house, having helped  unload the trailer, and went to run several errands that needed to be done.
12:00 my oldest friend in the world pulled into the driveway, here for two days to help me with anything and everything related to the move.
By 2:00 she and I had laughed our way through rolling and hauling two enormous rugs out of the house and into her car.
Thirty minutes later we were wandering through my new home – she was taking pictures and crying, she loved it so much.
At 4 we dropped off the rugs to be cut down to fit some of the new spaces.
We took a little break after that and wandered through a consignment shop- mostly for fun.
By 5:30 we were at Bed, Bath and Beyond, trying to find curtain rods and rings and trash cans and heavens knows what else.
6:45- much needed shower. Felt divine.
7:30 a glass of wine. Dinner out… the best. No cooking, no dishes. Time for conversation. Sitting still.
8:45- checking Kidblog. So many post from students today. Felt guilty for not keeping up all day.
9:30- writing, badly.

3 thoughts on “14 hours

  1. Wow – what a busy day! It's amazing to chronicle all you did today – quite a schedule. Now you can put your feet up and relax, until tomorrow! Hope the move goes smoothly.


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