Feeling full

Some days I  feel so full of love that I can’t imagine how life could be any sweeter. Today was one of those days.

My older daughter and I toured a second college, and while this visit wasn’t as wildly successful as the first, we more than made up for the disappointment by laughing our way through the morning. Laughing with your teenager is excellent medicine.  I am so grateful for laughter right now.
As we drove the nearly four hours home, we shared our observations about each of the schools, and my daughter did some thinking out loud about what she had learned about herself and the college search process. At some point the car got quiet, and then she said, “That was fun.” And it was. I am so grateful for her love and time right now.
By the time we pulled into the driveway, my daughter had moved on to the next part of her day, which included inviting a group of friends over for dinner and a bonfire.  When she jumped out of the car to head into the house and finalize her plans, I sat in the driver’s seat and leafed through several days of mail.  My eyes fixed on two handwritten envelopes, which I opened first,  only to find sweet notes of encouragement from dear friends. I an so grateful for kind gestures right now.
Moments after I walked inside, my phone rang.  It was my oldest friend in the world, calling to see if she could come to town later this week and help me with packing and moving. If I have learned nothing else this last year, I have learned to accept help, and I quickly said “Yes, please.” I am looking forward to her company, and I am so grateful for her offer of time and companionship right now. 
My goal this week (in addition to writing every day) has been to move one car load of stuff each day.  I was inclined to skip today, since we had just gotten off the road.  But when three of my daughter’s friends agreed to help, I decided I could do just a little bit of moving today.  When the boys pulled up to the new house to help me unload, they all said, “I love this place. This is awesome.”  I am so grateful for their youthful enthusiasm right now.
I believe love and gratitude go hand in hand. Today was so full of both.

3 thoughts on “Feeling full

  1. Sounds like a perfect moments with some very special people.

    BTW: I still remember looking at colleges with my mom, which was a little over half my lifetime ago. I definitely think we bonded over that experience!


  2. Posts like this reaffirm what I've found to be true about this type of Slice of Life writing. These moments – the laughter and conversation with your daughter, the notes, the exhaustion, the overcoming and accomplishing – it would have been missed. If not for these words. Something bigger would have come along, or what you said you'd never forget…you would. But here, with these beautiful words, you remember. Thanks so much for sharing today!



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