A perfect day

Today was about as close to perfect as I can imagine. My older daughter and I woke up early, packed overnight bags, and headed out early on our first college tour.Yes- college. Yikes! (Actually this was the second college tour- but the first one was a quick day trip. Somehow an overnight adventure seems much more “official.”) There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, the roads were clear and empty, and thanks to GPS we had no navigation challenges. Well, we had one… but it only involved a two mile detour. Best of all, we had three and a half hours in the car together, uninterrupted. If you haven’t had teenagers, then you may not understand how incredible it is to have your child, trapped, with you, in a vehicle moving at a high rate of speed, with no way out. The chance to chat or not, to laugh and think…for over three hours… together. There were  of course, moments when she was texting and on snapchat with her friends, but mostly it was just us, having easy conversation.
The trip alone would have been enough to make my day pretty spectacular. But then we got to the school she has been wanting to visit for almost two years.  Our visit to campus began with lunch with a dear friend of her’s who is a freshman, and ended with coffee with the senior daughter of a dear friend of mine. In between, we wandered around campus, attended an information session and tour,and made the requisite visit to the college bookstore to buy a t-shirt. As the day unfolded,  I watched my daughter’s smile grow wider and wider.  And when the visit was over, she looked at me and said, “I can picture myself here.” I smiled, and my heart felt full and tight all at once. “Yes,” I thought, “I can picture you here too.”

3 thoughts on “A perfect day

  1. I love that your daughter felt good about the visit! What a superb ending. I can only imagine your heart feeling full and tight at the same time. My girls are only 4 … I'm nervous about kindergarten. How am I going to handle college? Thanks for the slice of your life!


  2. I'm so glad your first college trip was superb! I agree – when you have your teenager trapped in the car.. it's the best. Lots of peace and lots of conversations. This slice made me smile and remember the trips we've taken.


  3. This sounds like a perfect day indeed. And even though I don't have kids of my own, I come from a culture that values family time more than anything. So having this uninterrupted time to just be present, talk, and appreciate each other is a gift for sure. Thanks for sharing your beautiful day!


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