Walking with Noel

At least once a week I walk with my friend Noel. Noel and I knew each other casually for a long time before we knew each other well.
We share a love of exercise- long hard hilly walks are our specialty- as well as a fierce loyalty to family and friends and a passion for new recipes and delicious food. We also share a birthday. Noel likes to tell people we are twins.  I like to tease her about the fact that she is older than me.
We are rarely silent when we walk.  Even when we are panting our way up the steepest hill, the conversation continues.  Noel and I talk about everything…,from aging, to work, to kids, to health, to recipes. Sometimes we laugh and laugh and laugh.  Sometimes we cry.
Noel and I walk in pouring rain, in oppressive heat and humidity and in weather that is so cold that our legs get red and chapped beneath the layers of leggings and yoga pants.
I wish everyone could have a friend like Noel. I wish Noel and I could walk everyday.

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