Ten Things Right Now

I am so excited about the writing that my students are doing for Two Writing Teachers’ March Slice of Life Classroom Challenge.  I decided to reflect on that today.

1. All of you, even those of you who were not sure you wanted to write something and share it with the world, have submitted at least two slices in the first week. Bravo!
2. Nearly half of you have  sliced every day. I never imagined that so many of you would choose to do this on your own time. I hope you can imagine how excited I am by your writing energy.
3. Your topics are so varied and your slices have given me a wonderful view into your worlds outside of school. I think this has strengthened us as a community and deepened our bond with one another. I feel privileged to be sharing this experience with you.
4. You write in different genres- prose and poetry. I admire how you are challenging yourselves to try slicing in different ways.
5. You include action and dialogue and your thoughts in your slices, just like Stacey Shubitz recommended in the video we watched.
6. Your writing is honest and brave. You write about your fears, hard moments, victories, embarrassing episodes, and everyday occurrences. I am honored that you trust our writing community and are willing to share so openly through your slices.
7. You take time to read one another’s slices regularly and to cheer one another on through commenting.  You are learning that it is satisfying to read others’ writing and share your own.
8. Your comments are supportive and encouraging but also reveal insight about what you are learning about writing. You can point out craft moves that work, and word choice that is strong.
9. You are learning how to use mentor texts and other sources of inspiration when you are stuck for ideas or having trouble getting started. You recognize when you need a little boost and you are open to working from someone else’s structure to help you to get started. Then you just take off. And you like the results. So do your classmates.
10. You are living like writers, and I am tickled pink.

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