Snow days

Snow days are roll over on the pillow and burrow under your covers for a lazy hour
Weekdays are reach through the dark for the alarm and stumble toward the shower

Snow days are pancakes and two cups of coffee in front of the fire
Weekdays are unload the dishwasher and load the washing machine before heading to work

Snow days are books on the sofa and games on the rug
Weekdays are return essential emails before locking the door and pulling out of the garage

Snow days are homemade soup and cookies warm from the oven
Weekdays are remember to leave something on the counter thawing for dinner

Snow days are finding the leash and heading out for a brisk walk in the still whiteness with a happy dog
Weekdays are “Molly, I’ll be back. Be a good dog today.”

5 thoughts on “Snow days

  1. I loved the structure and organization of this post, juxtaposing a typical weekday routine with a snow day. You captured an image of comfort and relaxing for snow days. It was not like your weekdays were painted as being horrible though, which I liked. Instead, it was about showing the routine. I especially loved the final line with the interaction with your dog.


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