The sounds I know

When I move  I will miss the blowing horn of  early morning freight trains, as they speed along in the dark, on tracks that  intersect neighborhood streets to the east and west of here. The tracks are just far enough from here that the rumbling of wheels and the low slow horn noises are charming, not jarring. I’ve come to count on those train sounds as a measure of how much of the night has passed and how much time is left for sleep.
When I move I will miss  the humming and calls of  peepers from trees at the edge of our hill and the pond across the road. Their annual chorus tells me spring is here,  peonies will bloom soon, and days are getting longer and warmer.

When I move I will miss  the cows bleating when their calves are weaned.  When I hear those sad cries, I want to tell them I’m sorry for what they are going through. Their calls, urgent and frequent at first, slow- until one day there is only silence coming from the pasture, and I know cool weather, and autumn leaves will be here soon.  I know those cows will be mothers again soon. 
When I move there will be new sounds. Across the road there is a riding ring and three horses. Will I hear them?  There is a river nearby.  Who lives on its banks?  Will I hear them? I’ve seen an owl, perched in a tree, in the field below my house.  Will I hear him?

4 thoughts on “The sounds I know

  1. You've described these sounds so well, and oh, how I long to hear the peepers! We are still buried in snow, with more on the way. Hope your new home brings you as many happy memories as your old one has!


  2. Welcome to slicing, Lisa! This small part of your life shared is beautiful. I can see why you will miss those lovely sounds. I just moved a little over a year ago & can now hear trains-love that! I hope your new move will be just as filled, & it sounds like it will be. Happy Slicing!


  3. Welcome…your post is LOVELY and sad and poignant at the same time. I felt sad that you were leaving so much sound and power in your life. Yet, there is such hope in your writing about the open potential of your future. I guess it is just like this in the SOL challenge too. There is so much potential in writing. Glad you are here.


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