Slice of Life- recipes

First Slice of LifeI have a confession.  My collection of cookbooks is far too large.  Recently, I began looking through all of them, trying to choose a few to give away, trying to whittle down my stash before we move to a much smaller home.  But my cookbooks are like friends, some closer than others and  I really can’t part with a single one.  To make matters worse, I don’t just have zillions of cookbooks, I also have an enormous binder spilling over with well loved, food stained recipes I’ve collected from friends, family, the internet, the back sides of brown sugar boxes and the insides of can labels. They are written on napkins, small cards, bits of paper- whatever I could find when I was scribbling down directions for a tasty find. It’s kind of embarrassing.  My binder is  bursting.  Recipes that once were  neatly tucked into individual clear plastic sleeves and filed behind the appropriate divider,  were now stuffed into the  pocket of the binder, or worse yet, lost in a stack of jumbled up papers precariously stacked inside the front cover. Something had to be done.  So one evening not too long ago, during a stretch of snow days when I couldn’t get out and had nowhere to be, I sat down with my recipe  binder, in front of the fire,  and went to work.  As I leafed through the pages and the loose bits of paper, I found myself unable to say goodbye to any of them either.  And so, instead, I found a way to tuck a few more recipes into each sleeve, to rearrange what was in there so that I could find room for just a few more old friends.  Cooking brings me comfort, and my recipes are like dear old friends. I don’t know where all my cookbooks will fit in my new home, but they are going to have to squeeze in somewhere.  Leaving them behind or letting them go just isn’t an option.

7 thoughts on “Slice of Life- recipes

  1. Welcome to the world of slicing! After reading your post, I am now thinking that maybe I should get a binder for my recipes?? Perhaps a binder and some plastic leaves with plenty of room for pictures ( as I don't like recipes without pictures).


  2. Welcome to the slicing community! I have had many changes in the past year, so cleared my cookbooks, although kept hundreds of other books. I still have quite a lot of cookbooks too, but what I did was bring some into my school for the younger teachers, or really anyone. They were gone in a flash! And I felt good about others using them. I kept favorites-new & old! My recipes are in a binder too, & I bet you even have some slicing stories to tell about 'when” you got that recipe on the napkin, etc. Can't get rid of those! As for storage, put a special shelf in somewhere just for the cookbooks! Just for you! See you next week!


  3. I think you've been spying on me ��. I too, have too many recipes in various piles. I did purge some of the ripped out pages a while back but now the pile has grown again. It's okay to confess here, we all have our little secrets that must be told. Welcome to slicing!


  4. So glad you're slicing with us! I certainly don't share your passion for cooking — it's definitely a chore for me. However, I still have a special place in my heart for certain favorite family recipes. All I have to do to feel at home is make one of my mom's recipes!


  5. Welcome to Slicing. I too have pages and pages of recipes. I for years subscribe to more than 5 food magazines and have torn articles in a journal. I have been able to weed my cookbooks down…moving every few years makes you rethink how many books you really need, but I now have spilled that interest onto Pinterest too. So many memories and so many more to make with friend and food!


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